How to create a group selfie when your group is nowhere near you. Changes at Instagram? Not quite. Comic sans enough space... And some smart cropping v…
Lego wizardry, fleeting ideas for images from Twitter, and how to Disneyfy your face.
Truly interactive video, more changes from Instagram perhaps, newsworthy charts available for free, and Graphic Traffic the training course is back.
Instagram on desktop! Stories on the Web. It's all rather topsy-turvy. And a discount code for the next Graphic Traffic course.
A camera for all skin tones, a new Chunky version of mmhmm, more image compression, enforced alt text for Twitter images, and a scrollytelling tool.
Photography tips from two BBC TV programmes, and more fine-tuned animations from Canva.
New advice on how to describe pictures with text, some rainbow coloured inclusive figurines to add to your collection, and fun with a big ship.
Dataviz tips for charities, create faces to suit your illustration needs, and automated captions are coming to Instagram Stories.
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A different view of Zoom meetings, live video captions in Google Chrome, and a new tiny but powerful video camera.
More auto subtitles, a brower-based image editor, Reddit adds video, and adding movie GIFs.
Error page graphics, diversity in gaming images, GIFs from videos and more.