A charity film creator, looking like Mona Lisa, a meme creator app, Dutch paintings available, and how to present people ethically in images.
More Ukrainian images to use, positive pics of older and disabled people, letting data Flourish via charts, and interactive personalised videos.
Museum of Block Art, finding photos of Ukraine, searching by colour (blue and yellow in particular), better photo searching, and more Canva tips.
More older people images, mapping relationships, your Flickr year, adding a wavy line in WordPress posts, and mmhmm give us OOO for fun video meetings.
Look a little like the Mona Lisa, Wordle the word cloud tool is no longer and there is a new and different Wordle on the street, Canva flourishes more…
More 'hands-free meetings', export single videos (not every one!) from Facebook, access to a 'content aware' image editor, and visualise your Twitter…
Health passport, new image options in WordPress, a free object removal tool for images, and the best iPad video editing app of the year.
How to find previously used Unsplash photos, Google Photos gets some new editing functions, and Amazon Photos takes a leap forward.
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