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We all need to create images these days - on our blog, for sharing on social channels, for marketing, and in many other places.

Of course, most of us have a smartphone, but we often feel the need to take a better picture, one in a particular style, or one that needs editing. Sometimes we're just curious about how other people seem to take striking images and videos and wonder what app or process they used.

That's what I'll help you with through this weekly publication. I've been creating digital images for 25 years to illustrate my charity fundraising news site UK Fundraising, and its related social channels. I've learned how to create images, enhance them, and produce special effects. And now I want to share what I've learned to help you.

I'm not trained as a photographer, artist or illustrator. I simply need to use images a lot in my job so have worked out how to do so quickly and cheaply.

What you'll get

Subscribe to Graphic Traffic and you'll receive information on a featured digital image or video resource each week. I hope to surprise you with new tools that give you that 'ah ha! That's how they do that' moment. Some weeks I might sneak in an extra edition.

You'll get practical ideas and inspiration for images and videos, and you'll get to learn about free or very low cost tools. Almost all of them them will be tools I've used myself or have seen others use well.

They will be tools for your phone, tablet, desktop/laptop. Sometimes they will be tips on what to do with images, wherever you use them, or what to avoid.

FWIW, most of my mobile apps will be iOS-based, simply because I use an iPhone. If I know of an Android alternative I'll flag that up - or share one that you tell me about.

You'll get a burst of visual inspiration in your inbox every week, with the occasional surprise additional issue when I come across a new tool or tip that you should really know about.

Why Graphic Traffic?

Graphic Traffic is originally the name of a training course I've run for charity fundraisers and marketers for the past seven or eight years. It gives them ideas and confidence in creating good-enough images and videos to use for their charity, using free tools. 

Visual marketing is all around us, so it's important to me that charities and good causes embrace it in their storytelling and show the powerful change for good that they achieve.

This publication extends that course in the sense by featuring many more - and up to date - image and video tools and tips.

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Howard Lake